Update + Upcoming Classes

Sincere apologies for my lack of communication in this space over the past few months!

Many changes have been afoot – dipping toes in new opportunities – with little  time to update here!

As a result, our classes and workshops have been running on skeleton schedule – principally offered through OneGirlStudio in Graceville, the Redland Art Gallery and also the Brisbane City Council Libraries.

These classes are in:

If you are interested in any of these classes, please follow the link to our generous host websites and seek timetables and booking details.

The upcoming September School Holiday Fashion Design classes offered at OneGirlStudio are available for booking through our events page here.

Please see the information following and detailed on the events page:

Fashion Design 2016

Fashion Design Intensive Workshop

Tuesday 27th September 1pm – 4pm AND

Wednesday 28th September 1pm – 4pm

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 2-day workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion! The classes are customized to the age of the group and include looking at fashion trends and branding, fashion illustration using a variety of media, elements and principals of design, colour forecasting and textile design as well as presenting your designs.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Kids will need to bring a drink and snack for a short break at 2:30pm.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 12:50pm and picked up from 4pm both days.

Cost is $100 for the two-day workshop.


Textile Design 2016

Textile Design Workshop

Tuesday 27th September 9:30am to 12:30pm

Also offered on:

Wednesday 28th September 9:30am to 12:30pm

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 3-hour workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion and Textile Design!

Inspired by beautiful textile illustrations, we will look at the use of ART in garment design. Experimenting with mixed media the students will look at examples of pattern, repeat and colour and come up with their own textile design for a garment. The students will learn some fashion illustration techniques and then illustrate their textile design on a garment.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Students will need to bring a drink and snack for a short break.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 9.20am and picked up from 12.30pm.

Cost is $50 for the 3-hour workshop.

2 day Fashion holiday workshop at Onegirlstudio

I’m so excited we are able to offer a holiday workshop these cosy winter holidays – hosted by the talented Melanie Finger at OneGirlStudio, Graceville! The Fashion- inspired should not miss this exciting new 2-day intensive!

2 day workshop

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 2-day workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion!

The classes are customized to the age of the group and include looking at fashion trends and branding, fashion illustration using a variety of media, elements and principals of design, colour forecasting and textile design as well as presenting your designs.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Kids will need to bring a snack for a short break at 11:30am.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 9:50am and picked up from 1pm both days.

Don’t forget to bring morning tea and a drink!

Cost is $100 for the two-day workshop. Places are limited – follow link to BOOK NOW!


To all of our wonderful creative families who have been enquiring about workshops these holidays, our sincere apologies but we are unable to offer any additional classes at Riverbend, Bulimba due to heavy work commitments these holidays. We do look forward to working with our generous community building venues, Onegirlstudio, Graceville and Riverbend books, Bulimba again very soon!

Don’t miss term 2 Fashion and Interior Design classes for children!

Oh! We can’t wait to get started on our all-new term 2 classes at the fabulous OneGirlStudio – thanks so much for inviting us back!

An 8 week term of Fashion and Interior Design classes for children awaits!


If your child is looking for creative inspiration and technique in Fashion Design and Interior Design….


They love ‘re-styling’ their bedroom……

They spend hours drawing outfits or trying on new styles….


Then our specialty classes are for you!

Unique + practical, our teachers have professional experience in the Fashion + Interior Design industry, coupled with a passion to share knowledge and creative problem-solving strategies with the next generation of creatives!


Fashion Design Studio


Work with an experienced designer to research fashion illustration methods and then experiment with a variety of media to produce a folio of fashion illustrations.

Inspired by great fashion illustrators such as Kerrie Hess (an Australian Illustrator for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade New York), we will look at the basics of fashion illustration including figure drawing, experiment with media and finished fashion presentations.

When: 4 week series each Tuesday 19th April – Tuesday 10th May, 4.00-5.30pm.

Age: 11yrs+

Cost: $125 or $100 when booked with the Interior Design series ($200 for whole term)

Follow THIS LINK for course outline + to book!


Architecture + Interior Design II


In this our second Architecture and Design series we will work with an experienced Interior Designer through research + practice to learn basic design principles and presentation skills. Ever found yourself planning your ‘dream room’? Discover how to transform your favourite space to function well and look fabulous!  We will create a mood board, learn about scale plans and how to draw basic perspectives to communicate our ideas!

Interior Design studio:  4 week series – design your dream room – each Tuesday 17th May – Tuesday 7th June, 4.00-5.30pm.

Age: 11yrs+

Cost: $125 or $100 when booked with the Fashion Design series ($200 for whole term).

Follow THIS LINK for course outline + to book!


Please note:

If you are interested in these classes running at our wonderful southside venue, Riverbend Books, Bulimba, please drop us a line hello@weaveandwonder.com – we would love to hear from you!

calling all budding architects and designers!


Japanese Children build a futuristic model of the nation of Japan

Does your child love to build? I know that Lego still takes pride of place in our home – from marvellous towers to sprawling cities – children around the globe often solve the problems of the world in miniature! And definitely explore their imagination,  push creative boundaries and problem solve all while playing.

An exploration in 3D uses creative muscles + problem solving strategies different to those in 2D. Can my structure support itself? Can it carry weight? How can we make it taller and still have it stand? Just a few questions asked when volume is at play and not just surface.


Often a love of 3D thinking stimulates interest in a career in Architecture and Design – oh what fun to build for a living – or as Iggy Peck could boast, ‘to build churches and chapels from peaches and apples, and temples from modelling clay!’


We are ready to launch another of our ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN FOR CHILDREN workshop series. We are currently designing follow up classes for those who have enjoyed the original, but this first in our series is running again at the wonderful OneGirlStudio in Graceville, commencing next Thursday 03rd March from 3.30-5.00pm.

See our flyer below and click the link above for booking and payment details – places are limited – don’t miss out on this unique class!


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore extraordinary architecture + architects from around the world and learn some of the considerations + and questions asked by architects and designers during the design process.

We will draw, guess, problem solve, discuss, and of course, construct using clay and recycled materials!




Christmas Creativity Classes – two wonderful venues!

I don’t know why, but for some reason every year, Christmas tends to sneak up on me….


It could be the enthusiastic flutter into spring or the crazy-buzz of end of school year, but I seem to feel it comes racing at me with ever-increasing speed each year.

And I long to choose to be mindful and put the brakes on to remember gratitude.

…For my family and our peaceful home.

…For my children’s future looking bright when so many don’t have that luxury.

In our home, we often gather around creativity in order to slow.

Making things with busy and intentional hands, allows room for hearts to be full of love + gratitude. A gift thoughtfully made gives so much more than just the object.

If you are like me and want to make the choice to slow and be mindful, can I invite you to join us at our Creativity Workshops – two locations this year!

wreaths sq

[ picture: from our Riverbend Wreath class! Just stunning!]

Riverbend Books and Cafe have been such an incredible supporter of local community and mindfulness – we just adore running classes in this beautiful store!

A new inner-west venue for WEAVE+WONDER is the gorgeous gift + design store OneGirlStudio in Graceville. We have recently completed term time Architecture + Design classes for children and students are eagerly awaiting more Christmas-creativity!

Again this year, we are offering classes over two weeks to accommodate private and state school finish times – please choose a class that suits you! These are Christmas-time favourites and even if you have joined us for a similar class in years gone by, these treasures make wonderful gifts and we will include new colours + materials.


Create a stunning + unique leather wreath

Paint or Stitch – create gorgeously tactile leather + ply ornaments!




We can’t wait to share creative time with your children this Christmas and help them to craft handmade gifts of love to treasure!

architecture and design for children


FINALLY! A class update!

Apologies for the delay in posts of late – so much work, so little time for sharing!

I’ve put together a series of collages of our recent 6-week series ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN FOR CHILDREN, hosted by the ever-wonderful Riverbend Books. Saturday afternoons have never been so messy or fun! We found it a wonderful way to wind down from a week of school and often a morning of sport, to be inspired and create in an open-ended class full of possibility!



We began our series with  a game of ‘guess the famous building’!

With outlandish and crumbling structures from around the world, we spent a lively discussion centred around the names of buildings, who designed them (if known!) and what new feat of engineering or materials did the work showcase – even the nicknames some of the ‘stand-out’ buildings have been given! Children were inspired and challenged to draw their favourite building by noticing the structural + decorative details of each unique building –  the outcomes were fantastic! The theme of ‘dreaming + drawing’ continued throughout our series, further inspired by the wonderful book ‘Iggy Peck Architect’. We focused in on the works of famous spanish architect ‘Antoni Gaudi‘ and we looked in detail at several of his nature-inspired marvels of design and architecture. In his own time Gaudi was both admired and criticised for the audacity and singularity of his innovative solutions – an inspiring study for children to dream big and create single-mindedly!

We worked on drawing a series of Gaudi-inspired finials in all their colourful glory!



In week 2 we began a two week study in clay. Continuing on with inspiration by Gaudi, students were encouraged to design and create clay ’tiles’ that reflect decorative ideas of their own imagination. We discussed the difference between structural beauty + decorative beauty. Many of the student’s tiles were inspired by nature – flowers, sunrise. We had a student focused on replicating some of the architectural detail of the famous buildings we were learning about and another who represented an angel in the night sky. Students were open to exploring the possibilities of their own unique inspiration and how that translated into their creations.



We continued in clay in week 3, however it was time to go from 2D work to 3D structure as we discussed structures around the world and why they suit the environment they are created for. We explored igloo’s to teepee’s, log cabins to mud huts and asked why each was suited to its environment? Students then began the challenge of creating their own clay structure – and most importantly, how to make it stand up!! Some designs replicated traditional buildings and cityscapes, such as this old english thatch building and cityscape with large fountain; some told a story about the people they were created for, such as this mud and grass hut.





In week 4 we took the design of buildings to the interior and touched on floor plans and elevations but mostly looked at the needs of people who occupy buildings and how that informs their design. We looked at famous interior paintings by Van Gogh and Matisse, and began our own ‘elevation’ drawings + paintings to complete an Eames-inspired ‘house of cards‘.



Week 5 saw us outlining our interior designs and then beginning the challenge of constructing a 3D card structure – yes that stands up!! Some chose traditional house forms but others created their own unique structures – one with a spider web on the roof and another made up of a series of triangular rooms – ‘because it would be fun to slide down the walls!’ All traditional house structures, students discovered, needed additional ‘reinforcing’ or cross bracing in order for their structure to stand up. This was a wonderful exercise in 3D construction with materials (unlike lego) that are not structurally stable in and of themselves. The challenge involved frustrations and then creative problem-solving!



In our final week, we did a quick re-cap on the way’s students were inspired by the world of Architecture and Design. This theme has opened up many possibilities for exploration and several students have been drawing + hunting down examples of interesting architecture + design as a result of this series.

Our last project in the series remained within the Interior and looked at inspiring Finnish design house, Marimekko. We talked about their ‘fearlessness’ and boldness in design, their creativity with colour! Each student was asked to design a Marimekko-inspired pillowcase, using either a simple stamping technique or by directly painting their design onto the fabric. Students learned much about the importance of simplicity in design, the beauty of ‘handmade’ when compared to ‘machine printed’ and then lastly, but most importantly, I saw each student unafraid to boldly create + execute their own unique designs! We had so much fun creating, I have no pics of their inspiring work!

Truly, the children participating in this 6-week series were a joy to teach – both in their enthusiasm to create and their willingness to listen, absorb information and be inspired! I look forward to offering several spin-off series that can explore each of the aspects of architecture + design that we briefly touched on in this series, in more detail!

We are offering this series in a condensed 4-week Thursday afternoon series at the newly opened ONEGIRLSTUDIO, Oxley Rd in Graceville next term! Bookings are already live on this site – if you are keen to join us but missed out on our Riverbend offering, please follow this link and book now!

architecture + design for children term 3 at Riverbend


Oh this is exciting!

Offering our first architecture + design series for primary + middle school age children! The book ‘Iggy Peck Architect’ by Andrea Beaty is our wonderful inspiration – designed to make you smile and dream big!

Our art + creativity workshops are designed to inspire and nurture creativity, using great children’s books to stimulate discussion, launch ideas and inform art techniques and theory.  We are looking forward to working alongside your children through this six week series and encouraging their creativity to take wings.

We had a wonderful Autumn Adventures in Art series in term 2 on Saturday afternoons – it seemed the perfect time slot after morning sport for children to explore creativity while mum or dad grabbed a coffee upstairs or ran errands!

Our new 6 week series was inspired by one of our students from last term who, when discussing Monet’s stained glass works in his latter years said ‘we should design our own stained glass windows!’. And so a series using art media to explore architecture and design was born!

As Interior Design is my background, our classes will be injected with theory and wonderful exploration of  design process as well as learning new art techniques through the work of great artists!

This series is booking fast with return students + new! Don’t miss this unique series and BOOK NOW  – follow this link!

holiday workshops :: bookish draw + collage


[ collage A – Wil Ashford / collage B ]

Oh, Immerse yourselves in these fantastical ‘bookish’ collages friends!

Aren’t they incredible? And so diverse in their interpretation, showcasing how book pages can be used in myriad different ways to create imaginative art.

Some artists have chosen to use pages from vintage books as background for their silhouette works, some have used the pages as collage medium. While others have made a statement using typography, more again can be found creating lighthearted works using animals.


[ collage C / college D – source unknown ]

I am looking forward to our ‘bookish’ draw and collage class these holidays where we will provide opportunity to create our own book-inspired masterpiece. We will share some great artwork and poetry from books and then choose to either use our book pages as background to our drawn work or collage with the pages themselves, torn and cut.

Book pages find a new lease on life through artwork, creating great texture, comical relief or making a statement through the words on pages chosen to be used.

Don’t miss out on this imaginative class, our holiday workshops are booking up fast. Follow this link for further information and to BOOK NOW for this and our watercolour and weaving workshops also!



[ collage E / collage F ]

Autumn Adventures in Art :: Our memory tree



‘What’s a memory?’ asked Wilfred Gordon…

‘Its something you remember’ said his Father. But Wilfred Gordon wanted to know more,……

Our final project in our Autumn Adventures in Art series was designed to ‘put the student in the picture’ by connecting him/her to their work in a personal way. By looking at ways to ‘represent’ themselves using memories and nature references, they produced unique work and re-enforced the value in their own form of expression, their own memories, their own style.

I have just loved meandering through the past six weeks with artistic-intension together with a wonderful bunch of enthusiastic students. They were polite, inspired, wildly creative and an absolute joy to teach!

Looking forward to more adventures next term – thanks Riverbend Books and Cafe!

the magic of watercolour trees


‘Oh if only I could live my life so wild and free, right up there atop the tree. Who’s branches strong, roots deep and wide, whisper courage on every side.

I’d dream far yonder as I could see, and when strong winds would threaten me. I’d snuggle down deep wrapped in her boughs, and wait for season’s whisper loud.

To bloom and blaze all held, yet free, the crowning glory of my tree.’


I love that the Autumn Adventures in Art students grasped the soft, dreamy flow of ‘wet on wet’ watercolour method so well during this session. We only touched on watercolour briefly this week, in order to complete a background to our collage works but there was such enthusiasm regarding this medium! Children worked through exercises in wash, simple detail and fine detail on standard paper and were then confident to complete their final work on A3 quality watercolour paper. Watercolour lends itself so well to landscapes and the simple beginner project of earth, sky and sketchy tree’s produced pleasing results for young students!