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Update + Upcoming Classes

Sincere apologies for my lack of communication in this space over the past few months!

Many changes have been afoot – dipping toes in new opportunities – with little  time to update here!

As a result, our classes and workshops have been running on skeleton schedule – principally offered through OneGirlStudio in Graceville, the Redland Art Gallery and also the Brisbane City Council Libraries.

These classes are in:

If you are interested in any of these classes, please follow the link to our generous host websites and seek timetables and booking details.

The upcoming September School Holiday Fashion Design classes offered at OneGirlStudio are available for booking through our events page here.

Please see the information following and detailed on the events page:

Fashion Design 2016

Fashion Design Intensive Workshop

Tuesday 27th September 1pm – 4pm AND

Wednesday 28th September 1pm – 4pm

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 2-day workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion! The classes are customized to the age of the group and include looking at fashion trends and branding, fashion illustration using a variety of media, elements and principals of design, colour forecasting and textile design as well as presenting your designs.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Kids will need to bring a drink and snack for a short break at 2:30pm.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 12:50pm and picked up from 4pm both days.

Cost is $100 for the two-day workshop.


Textile Design 2016

Textile Design Workshop

Tuesday 27th September 9:30am to 12:30pm

Also offered on:

Wednesday 28th September 9:30am to 12:30pm

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 3-hour workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion and Textile Design!

Inspired by beautiful textile illustrations, we will look at the use of ART in garment design. Experimenting with mixed media the students will look at examples of pattern, repeat and colour and come up with their own textile design for a garment. The students will learn some fashion illustration techniques and then illustrate their textile design on a garment.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Students will need to bring a drink and snack for a short break.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 9.20am and picked up from 12.30pm.

Cost is $50 for the 3-hour workshop.

A taste of Interior Design for adults


With the almost cult-following of reality tv shows like ‘The Block’ the profile of interior design has risen to new levels. The up side is that the general public has greater insight into the skill and work required to create successful spaces. The down side is that people catch the ‘renovation bug’ and some unfortunately learn the hard way that there can be significant and costly pitfalls for design newbies.

Increasing your knowledge and preparation is always a great place to start!


Interior Design explores the relationship that exists between Interior space and those that inhabit it. It has been wonderful to provide a ‘taste’ of the world of design through our current series of adult workshops. For those who have always had an ‘eye’ for design and an interest in understanding the theory and principals behind good design, these workshops begin to unpack a series of tools to guide the process.

As an Interior Designer, I have the opportunity to not only shape spaces but also people’s perceptions of them. Interior Design is the planning, layout + design of interior spaces within buildings. In our taster workshop, through a series of graphic examples we walk through how to structure space with Interior Design and we explore the elements + composition of design (5+5) through some simple exercises. Finally, we look at the beginnings of graphic representation in Interior Design and end with a wonderful Q+A time!


We love partnering with Brisbane City Council Libraries to bring these workshops to you for free, and we anticipate an enthusiastic bunch at both West End and Bulimba libraries in the coming two weeks. (Please phone these libraries directly if you would like to book a place.)

Woven throughout the recent workshops at Kemore and Grange were many personal design questions ranging from storage/organisational issues to extension planning and bathroom design – it was great to be able to help problem-solve for individuals and inspire others in the process.  It’s all part of sharing our passion for nurturing creativity in others, whether you are using a brush to colour walls or paint a canvas, or a hammer to build walls or punch holes in leather.

There is such a wealth of information readily available on the internet these days to inspire good design. From product suppliers marketing their wares to design blogs predicting trends and offering a plethora of eye-candy to build up a frame of reference for your design. Pinterest is also a great place to store inspiration.

Ito-Weather-Japan-ninkipen-Yellowtrace-850x567 [image credit: ‘Ito Weather’ cafe by Japanese Studio Ninkipen article on yellowtrace]


If you are looking for  a place to start training your design eye, try some of these sites:

yellowtrace | design inspiration and resources for creative and curious minds

 the design files | Australias most popular design blog

The interiors addict | interior design + styling, homewares, furniture, home appliances and the personalities behind them

design milk | design blog with Interior Design, modern furniture and art


daily imprint | interviews on creative living

We are looking forward to unpacking more bite-size design posts in this journal in the coming months as we develop our resource base for nurturing creativity.

We would love you to leave a comment letting us know what are the top design problems in your space that you’d like to tackle?





free adult workshops to kick off the WEAVE+WONDER year!

IDesign 1000

There’s no better way to start our WEAVE+WONDER 2015 class schedule than with a free adult workshop!

We’re teaming up with Brisbane City Council Libraries to bring you our Interior Design Elements workshop – two hours of design concepts and practical application that will help give you new eyes for the spaces around you.

IMG_1953 1000WEAVE+WONDER founder Melissa Guyatt has revisited her first love – design – and created a perfect introductory course for people wanting to explore Interior Design either as a potential career path or ideas to put into practice in their own home.  She will draw on her years of working with internationally recognised Interior Design firms to lead you through basic design concepts, plus you’ll have time to grab a pencil and some tracing paper and sketch, draw, experiment and play with concepts such as space, colour, light and texture.  You’ll come away with a clearer idea of what is good design and some practical ideas on how to change and improve your spaces without a big design budget.

Phew!  That’s alot of design goodness to pack into two hours isn’t it?  We know you will connect with Melissa’s passion for good design and draw inspiration from her grounded approach to interior spaces.  You’ll also get to take home a workbook so you can continue your learning at home.

IMG_2004 1000

And thanks to Brisbane City Council’s commitment to providing free events to Brisbane residents, we will be running this workshop in four different library locations during February and March.  The first one kicks off at Kenmore Library this Saturday 7 February, 10am-12noon.

Over the coming weeks Melissa will also present this workshop at Grange (14 February), West End (7 March) and Bulimba (14 March).  We’d love to have you join us!

You do need to register with the Library to secure your place (numbers are limited and workbooks will only be available for registered participants) so head on over to Brisbane City Council’s website to check out registration details (select the date you want on the calendar on the right hand sidebar, the course is listed as Interior Design Illustration).

We’re also looking at follow-up Interior Design workshops for later this year and we’d love to know what kind of workshop interests you.  Is it broad concepts and topics?  Or maybe specific projects or ideas?  Leave us a comment below and we’ll add it into our big bucket of ideas for this year!  Thanks! xx