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EASY tote

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I’ve become a bit of a bag lady of late.  I’ve started to notice bags, observe them as they walk past on shoulders, study them as they hang quietly at waists.  And for a bag to get a mental tick from me it must be simple but well designed for function and practicality.  Something that’s lovely to look at but isn’t fussy.  A bag that is confident, performs its function admirably and doesn’t pretend to be the bag for every situation.

So it was with these things in mind that Melissa and I developed our EASY TOTE concept.  Inspired once again by our gorgeous handwoven, naturally dyed fabrics and lovely straps of natural leather, we played and experimented, trialled and modified.  This organic process led to our wonderfully organic tote – a carry bag which you too can play with, experiment with, modify and make your own.

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We’ve taken a large square of our gorgeous charcoal handwoven cotton fabric and teamed it with a hand punched leather strap.  The concept is simple – thread the corners of your fabric through the strap holes and tie.  And the lovely loop of fabric hanging from your strap is a beautiful vessel for carrying market finds or daily necessities or creative collections.  Sling it over your shoulder, dangle it from your elbow, or hold it by your side, and when you’re not using it it folds up neat + compact or hangs beautifully on a door handle or hook.

It’s a little bit of lovely, don’t you think?

We love this bag not only for what it is, but also for what it can become.  Our ethos of simplicity and sustainability informs our appreciation for things that are bigger than themselves and components that are functional/beautiful in numerous ways.  Part of the EASY TOTE’s appeal in our design process was the flurry of ideas we had for other uses that simply created function and form for the fabric and leather elements – no extra, or very little, modifying required!  A bag that can be an apron that can be a wall hanging that can be a curtain that can be a cushion cover that can be a tablecloth.  Next week we’ll show you how , but for now we hope you enjoy meeting our EASY TOTE  [it’s over in our shop if you want to pop in!]

Happy weekending beautiful friends!

A mindful Christmas!


There are so many pressures and marketing ploys coming at us at Christmas time that I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice and am tempted to lose the ability to mindfully choose gifts!

We have enjoyed slowly selecting, designing and creating products with gift-giving in mind this year as it has given us opportunity to consider

the maker….

the budget….

.the sustainability…

of the items we offer for sale and gift ourselves!

We can’t wait to use our new ply ornaments in our upcoming market and gift proceeds to NEVERTHIRST in Cambodia.

We envisage our timeless leather stars adorning gifts + being stitched and created into gorgeous Christmas Ornaments in our Riverbend Classes.

Our fabric wrap is a well considered item as a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ and we imagine countless ongoing uses for the luscious layers of charcoal and stone.

Our fabric pages texturally convey a message of love that can be framed and enjoyed as a work of art on your wall.

And oh! The stunning floaty-scarf goodness is highest on my to-gift-list for all its textural loveliness and all the ways we imagine this totable fabric can be used.

If you are looking for soul-filled natural and textural gifts this Christmas, you might like to take a peek in our etsy store. We do so hope you find the perfect gift for a loved one or two in there…..

The Fabric of Father’s Day

The gift of a thoughtful word can accomplish much in the way of building up another..


‘Mama I want to give Daddy a note for Father’s day…a note that lasts forever’

And imagining a small scrap of folded notepaper that resembled the daily offerings she had penned of love and life, I was sure that this would be treasured and kept but possibly only last until the paper gave up the ghost..

This is the tale of our fabric pages born: of heart and practicality, trying to dream into being, a solution to her problem: a note for Father’s Day that lasts forever.

We cut precious handwoven fabric, we marked out the lines, we stitched red and blue. And then I asked each of my young children to think of something they loved about their Daddy. Their words tumbled over each other, wild and imaginative, difficult to whittle down to simple but powerful words of affirmation gifted to a man they clearly adore.

On this first fabric page I hand-stitched their love-messages….

IMG_3699 copy

Each time we want to create a ‘note that lasts forever’ around these parts, we reach for one of these handmade sheets, where time and thoughtfulness has been cut + stitched into a blank canvas and we stamp…with heart and mindfulness, a message to build another up.

We thought it important to inspire the ‘gifting of a thoughtful word’ this Father’s Day. Whether it is to hand stamp a list of love unique to your children for their Daddy, or a quote that weaves affirmation to your own Father, we would love to create this simple gift of love for you.

Please visit our store to order your custom message and be reminded of the power of words to heal and build up another this Father’s Day.

‘Fatherhood embraces his child seeing the world from the secure vantage point of his shoulders’


‘He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.’  — Clarence Budington Kelland