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2 day Fashion holiday workshop at Onegirlstudio

I’m so excited we are able to offer a holiday workshop these cosy winter holidays – hosted by the talented Melanie Finger at OneGirlStudio, Graceville! The Fashion- inspired should not miss this exciting new 2-day intensive!

2 day workshop

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 2-day workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion!

The classes are customized to the age of the group and include looking at fashion trends and branding, fashion illustration using a variety of media, elements and principals of design, colour forecasting and textile design as well as presenting your designs.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Kids will need to bring a snack for a short break at 11:30am.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 9:50am and picked up from 1pm both days.

Don’t forget to bring morning tea and a drink!

Cost is $100 for the two-day workshop. Places are limited – follow link to BOOK NOW!


To all of our wonderful creative families who have been enquiring about workshops these holidays, our sincere apologies but we are unable to offer any additional classes at Riverbend, Bulimba due to heavy work commitments these holidays. We do look forward to working with our generous community building venues, Onegirlstudio, Graceville and Riverbend books, Bulimba again very soon!

Don’t miss term 2 Fashion and Interior Design classes for children!

Oh! We can’t wait to get started on our all-new term 2 classes at the fabulous OneGirlStudio – thanks so much for inviting us back!

An 8 week term of Fashion and Interior Design classes for children awaits!


If your child is looking for creative inspiration and technique in Fashion Design and Interior Design….


They love ‘re-styling’ their bedroom……

They spend hours drawing outfits or trying on new styles….


Then our specialty classes are for you!

Unique + practical, our teachers have professional experience in the Fashion + Interior Design industry, coupled with a passion to share knowledge and creative problem-solving strategies with the next generation of creatives!


Fashion Design Studio


Work with an experienced designer to research fashion illustration methods and then experiment with a variety of media to produce a folio of fashion illustrations.

Inspired by great fashion illustrators such as Kerrie Hess (an Australian Illustrator for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade New York), we will look at the basics of fashion illustration including figure drawing, experiment with media and finished fashion presentations.

When: 4 week series each Tuesday 19th April – Tuesday 10th May, 4.00-5.30pm.

Age: 11yrs+

Cost: $125 or $100 when booked with the Interior Design series ($200 for whole term)

Follow THIS LINK for course outline + to book!


Architecture + Interior Design II


In this our second Architecture and Design series we will work with an experienced Interior Designer through research + practice to learn basic design principles and presentation skills. Ever found yourself planning your ‘dream room’? Discover how to transform your favourite space to function well and look fabulous!  We will create a mood board, learn about scale plans and how to draw basic perspectives to communicate our ideas!

Interior Design studio:  4 week series – design your dream room – each Tuesday 17th May – Tuesday 7th June, 4.00-5.30pm.

Age: 11yrs+

Cost: $125 or $100 when booked with the Fashion Design series ($200 for whole term).

Follow THIS LINK for course outline + to book!


Please note:

If you are interested in these classes running at our wonderful southside venue, Riverbend Books, Bulimba, please drop us a line hello@weaveandwonder.com – we would love to hear from you!

architecture + design for children term 3 at Riverbend


Oh this is exciting!

Offering our first architecture + design series for primary + middle school age children! The book ‘Iggy Peck Architect’ by Andrea Beaty is our wonderful inspiration – designed to make you smile and dream big!

Our art + creativity workshops are designed to inspire and nurture creativity, using great children’s books to stimulate discussion, launch ideas and inform art techniques and theory.  We are looking forward to working alongside your children through this six week series and encouraging their creativity to take wings.

We had a wonderful Autumn Adventures in Art series in term 2 on Saturday afternoons – it seemed the perfect time slot after morning sport for children to explore creativity while mum or dad grabbed a coffee upstairs or ran errands!

Our new 6 week series was inspired by one of our students from last term who, when discussing Monet’s stained glass works in his latter years said ‘we should design our own stained glass windows!’. And so a series using art media to explore architecture and design was born!

As Interior Design is my background, our classes will be injected with theory and wonderful exploration of  design process as well as learning new art techniques through the work of great artists!

This series is booking fast with return students + new! Don’t miss this unique series and BOOK NOW  – follow this link!

Winter Holiday Workshops at Riverbend


Oh my favourite, cozy connecting time of year!

We don’t really get to slow down, hibernate and embrace winter here in Brisbane but we can make opportunities to turn imaginative days into making days!

Come and join our Winter Holiday Workshops exploring art + creativity at Riverbend books and Cafe, Bulimba! Make sure to grab a flyer in store.

We are looking forward to some woollie + bookish fun together! In the second week of the Qld State school holidays we will be diving into the following creative exploration. Click on the class title to BOOK NOW:


IMG_0385 sq IMG_1092

Winter Holiday Workshop: weaving 2 ways

Date: 7th July 2015, 9.30-11.00am

Age: suitable for ages 6 and up!

Cost: $25 standard ticket

By popular request, our weaving workshop is back this Winter School Holidays!

This year, children can choose from two woollie projects they will finish in the lesson time.

With inspiration from wonderful weaving artists, we will learn beginner techniques of warping our ‘loom’ and basic weave, through to finally taking our weaving off the loom and wearing the wrist wrap! The leather bookmark is a beautiful textural product and wonderful introduction to weaving! Adults welcome to join and weave too – just book an extra ticket and note in the comments!

Please also indicate at time of booking your preference for ‘wrist wrap’ or ‘leather bookmark’ weaving



IMG_9628 watercolour_a

Winter Holiday Workshop: beginners watercolour

Date: 8th July 2015, 9.30-11.00am

Age: suitable for ages 6 and up!

Cost: $25 standard ticket

Watercolour is such a wonderful medium for children to explore colour, texture and document their world!

Join our beginner’s class and explore some wonderful winter art! Inspired, we will learn beginning techniques for ‘wet on wet’ work, observing background, mid and foreground to produce our own beautiful winter landscape similar to the one above!



IMG_1142 IMG_4590

Winter Holiday Workshop: book sketch n collage

Date: 9th July 2015, 9.30-11.00am

Age: suitable for ages 6 and up!

Cost: $25 standard ticket

The first week of July is kids + teens book week at Riverbend Books!

At WW we embrace the opportunity to continue to encourage children to explore and be inspired by books and great literature! Join us for an imagination-filled sketch and collage class using pages + words and inspiration from old books to create your own unique mixed media artwork!

If you have a favourite book, storyline or quote from a book please bring along to inspire your creativity in this class!

create-a-weekend :: gather and draw



Oh! Children are hunter’s and gatherers at heart aren’t they?

Through gentle encouragement (enthusiastically responding to their shell collection on beach holiday’s!) over time, my children have adopted somewhat of a ‘foraging’ habit.


Typical walks + wander’s almost always result in handful’s of ‘treasure’:

pine cones, driftwood, shells, leaves, feathers, seeds

Some treasure we keep + display in jars and on shelves, others we try to remember to ‘draw and discard’

The radiance of Autumn always makes me feel as if anything is possible: warm sun, brilliant bright sky, tumbling cascade of fiery red and yellow leaves, burnishing browns…..and so I look forward to weekend ‘foraging’ adventures with my children.

Choose to wander along with me this weekend won’t you? Perhaps this little reminder will provide some creative inspiration for your family this Autumn Weekend!

It doesn’t have to be anywhere particularly special for children to sharpen their ‘noticing eyes’ – like me, I’m sure you are aware how much is treasure in the eyes of children!! Just getting outside in the fresh air, at the local park is the perfect environment for gathering!

If you come home with handfuls of miscellaneous ‘bits and pieces’ can I suggest making a collection in the centre of the table, grabbing out:



watercolour paints


Take an hour out to rest together and draw + paint what you have found.

There is no right or wrong in this exercise and children + adults alike will more often than not, dislike their first efforts at replicating.

I must encourage you to persevere! Training the eye to see and replicate shapes, shadows, colours and textures can all be learned through practice. And one of the most natural and safest environments for this practice to happen, be nurtured and encouraged, is in your own home: together.

Through this very simple habit, children will learn to notice more in the environment around them and will ‘play’ with creative possibilities – new solutions to the one problem. The outcomes are unique and rewarding for the whole family!

Happy Weekending x


copper + crunch: Easter creativity ideas


Copper and Crunch!

Oh these two words and their tumble into Autumn and Easter have me thinking this morning!

I am seeing pockets of copper-brown dotted all over our landscape at the moment – leaves hanging in their final glory heralding the turn of season.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons – the richness of texture makes me want to grab handfuls of ageing leaves and crunch, throw them up, crumble them down and watch the pieces sieve through my fingers.

The bridge that texture builds between brain and hands – at once we experience nature not just observe it!

This season I think that the heralding of Autumn marries perfectly with the on-trend copper colour! We are seeing it everywhere from fashion to homewares to art.

I am looking forward to splashing a little around this Easter.

And while we are playing with Easter-themed Creativity (and sadly not offering primary-age creativity classes these holidays) we thought a little at-home inspiration for slower holidays might be a worthy offering!


We raided our local ‘reverse garbage’ store for thrifty materials: copper wire, wood and luscious leather were gratefully in stock – some of our favourites!

And so here are a few of our Easter Creativity ideas:


  • Make a copper wire ‘egg cage‘. Practicing skills in wire work and adding some bling to the natural deliciousness of wooden or brown paper eggs. Or use some copper paint and dip-dye your eggs for the Easter table!
  • ‘watercolour eggs’. This technique has been scampering about the internet for a little while (see here), embellishing coffee cups and the like. We thought we would try our hand at a white painted wooden egg. We love the dreamy black enamel swirl – you could use any colour of nail varnish to achieve the effect!


  • our very own ”Leather Eggs’. Can you believe, on my visit to reverse garbage, the very leather offcuts I found were already ‘egg-shaped’. These were just crying out to be used. If you visit a similar store, most have leather offcuts that you can cut to egg shape.


We have worked up two design’s: the leather twine chevron pattern and the woollen weave pattern. But really, the sky is the limit on embellishment with these gorgeously tactile natural forms – a pop of colour or texture and these make a wonderful alternative to the traditional ‘chocolate’ gift at Easter – and can be recycled in next Easter’s decor!

Use a small hole punch to locate your threading holes. For the chevron pattern I offset two lines through the middle of the egg shape. And for the woven egg I lined up holes across the middle and around the bottom of the egg and ‘threaded the loom’, then chose the weft and wove a sweet woollen ‘coat’ for the leather egg!


  • And then there is the wonderful nature scene – eggs in their true habitat! Form clay eggs or gather wooden or even chocolate eggs. All will feel a little more at home in this handmade nest softened with collected feathers! Take some fresh vine (ours is gathered off the beach) and while it is soft and pliable, weave onto itself into a nest shape. When the vine dries, it forms a lovely solid nest suitable for play or display!




Best wishes from us!


midweek creative: the importance of nurturing creativity in yourself


nurture creativity in yourself abstract stitching

It’s midweek in my home and a whirlwind of schedules, activities, practicalities and workload are all vying for my attention.

My daughter’s 13th birthday is this weekend and thoughts interject about presents un-purchased, plans un-finalised, intention unresolved!…..My husband and therefore our family are amid critical employment decisions….and we are still surrounded by boxes lingering post our move 1 month ago! Children are end-of-term weary but still juggling assessment and extra-curricular activities. Oh just a few of the interjections in my mind that make finishing a cohesive and decisive sentence nigh on impossible!

Yet this morning I was reminded by a dear friend that this is the ‘creative palette’.

To see the chaos as possibility.

And to tie down new ideas through the process of creative habit.

I wasn’t so convinced I could see the correlation between lifestyle chaos and the romantic term ‘creative palette’, but here is what I surmised from our discussion.

Carve out time.

With the noise of life swirling, find a place of quiet inspiration and sit awhile.

Notice the detail, your senses, let your mind wander freely.

Take a notebook and pencil with you and at the end of your time (don’t be tempted to pick it up along the way, give yourself time) sketch or write your mind.

The important things really will surface. An answer or two to a problem. The ordering of priorities. The feeding or resting of your weary spirit.

If you feel so inclined, sketch too. The practice of sketching unlocks yet another part of your brain.

In her book ‘The Creative Habit’ Twyla Tharp asks us to ‘build up our tolerance for Solitude’.

She notes that this activity is the exact opposite of meditation. You are not trying to empty your mind, not trying to sit restfully without conscious thoughts. You are seeking thoughts from the unconscious, and trying to tease them forward until you can latch onto them. An idea will sneak into your brain. Get engaged with that idea, play with it, push it around – you have acquired a goal to underpin this solitary activity.

This is quietness without loneliness.

You are not alone anymore; your goal, your idea is your companion.

And so with the bay breeze swirling and blue sky opening up her possibilities, I remember to prioritise this habit today and suddenly a hopeful new order takes root amid my chaos.


Martha Street Festival on 25th Nov!

Community gathering is our favourite flavour of the Christmas season.

We are excited to join the Martha Sreet (Camp Hill) Precinct street party this year!


Invited by lovely children’s boutique Teenie and Tiny, we will be hosting a simple+elegant craft stall outside their store.

Create one of our gorgeous ply + metallic decorations for ONLY $2!


This is a special offer for festival attendee’s only – we will have additional decoration pack’s available for sale on the night at their normal recommended retail price and also in our online store..

We custom designed these timeless baubles to adorn your tree or a special gift – join us as we add some seasonal colour. Purchase some additional decorations to custom paint in your own colours or purchase additional paint on the night – these make a wonderful gift!

$1 from every decoration created will be gifted toNEVERTHIRST‘s water projects in Cambodia.

BRISBANE LOCALS! Join us from 5.30-7.30pm on Tuesday 25th November.

Enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment and a little visit from Santa!


Christmas classes at Teenie and Tiny


There is nothing more exciting around Christmas time than getting lost in a whimsical gift store dreaming of handcrafted, natural toys + books and who might receive the loveliness!

While you browse and dream, shop and plan, we would love to create with your children!

We have two afternoon classes scheduled for Teenie and Tiny this year these are as follows:


‘Alexander Calder inspired wire hanging stars’ workshop

Thursday 11 December, 2.30-3.30pm.

Cost: $20 per student

These simple yet gorgeously tactile wire stars make a wonderful hanging garland for Christmas. Children will learn how to manipulate wire to create their stars.

Alexander Calder was an American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing mobile sculptures. Inspired by his most famous works and using wire + wool, Children will create their own hanging stars.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is for 5-12 year olds, however younger children are more than welcome to attend this class under the supervision of an adult.


Fabric and feather Christmas angels

Tuesday 16th December, 2.30-3.30pm.

Cost: $20 per student

Using the lovely texture of feathers, white + vintage fabrics, children will create ‘light + floaty’ hanging angels to decorate their home this Christmas! We will visit the stunning nativity story illustrated by Julie Vivas.

PLEASE NOTE:  This class is designed for 5-12 year olds.  Younger children are welcome to attend this class under the supervision of an adult.



Riverbend Christmas Creativity returns!



With warm tactile leather + fabric alongside sustainable design processes, we are proud to present a fresh new take on Christmas decorating!

Of course, these are first and foremost children’s classes and so we are excited to jump into the wonderful world of artistic inspiration from the famous Alexander Calder on through other screen printing + fibre artists. From this inspiration we have developed skills-based classes that are fresh and contemporary!

For the first time this year, we are offering an ADULT CREATIVITY CLASS and also a PARENT+CHILD CLASS! In these classes, you are able to choose the project you would like to complete – please read the class description carefully and leave your selection in the comments section of your booking.

Take a wander through the classes we have on offer below and click on the title of the class to go to our events page and BOOK NOW – these classes fill very quickly! We hope you enjoy:

29 October 2014 011


Alexander Calder was an American sculptor known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air currents. Calder’s stationary sculptures are called stables. He also produced numerous wire figures.

Using inspiration from Calder’s work, we will experiment with the wire medium to form 3D shapes. We will use these twisting+bending techniques to create a unique Christmas-inspired wreath form. Calder also added solid forms to his mobiles for counterbalance. We will look at ways to weave gorgeous leather + fabric leaves into our wreath-sculpture for a truly stunning result! The perfect marriage of art + craft for Christmas!

Each student will create 1 wreath in this class.



Oh soft caramel leather you truly make us weak at the knees! Students will engage with the slow art of hand stitching to create these beautiful leather + fabric ornaments or gift tags.

These are a beautiful layered addition to your tree, a hanging garland or a unique handmade gift tag. Students will choose and cut fabric stars from our beautiful selection of handwoven + naturally dyed fabric and accented with vibrant felt in Christmas green to layer behind their leather stars! The sparkling bronze adds a festive touch as the students thread + stitch their fabric soft sculpture together!

Each student will create 3 stars within this class.

29 October 2014 035


This year we are excited to announce a class with a sustainable message!

WEAVE+WONDER are proudly offering the gorgeous naturally dyed and handwoven fabric sourced from traditional weaving families in rural Cambodia. As we introduce this gorgeous fabric into the Australian market, we are motived toward sustainable uses for it. We couldn’t think of a better beginning than using custom sized pieces as fabric wrapping for Christmas!

In our printing class, we will learn simple printing, stamping + stencilling techniques and work on pattern repeat in order to create unique designs for our fabric wrapping. We will use humble brown paper also as a ‘test run’ for our fabric pieces but also as useful wrapping in itself!

Students will print 1 large fabric wrapping sheet (can be used as two smaller sheets) as well as significant length of custom printed wrapping paper.

There will be additional fabric wrapping sheets available to purchase in all classes.