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Riverbend Christmas Creativity returns!



With warm tactile leather + fabric alongside sustainable design processes, we are proud to present a fresh new take on Christmas decorating!

Of course, these are first and foremost children’s classes and so we are excited to jump into the wonderful world of artistic inspiration from the famous Alexander Calder on through other screen printing + fibre artists. From this inspiration we have developed skills-based classes that are fresh and contemporary!

For the first time this year, we are offering an ADULT CREATIVITY CLASS and also a PARENT+CHILD CLASS! In these classes, you are able to choose the project you would like to complete – please read the class description carefully and leave your selection in the comments section of your booking.

Take a wander through the classes we have on offer below and click on the title of the class to go to our events page and BOOK NOW – these classes fill very quickly! We hope you enjoy:

29 October 2014 011


Alexander Calder was an American sculptor known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air currents. Calder’s stationary sculptures are called stables. He also produced numerous wire figures.

Using inspiration from Calder’s work, we will experiment with the wire medium to form 3D shapes. We will use these twisting+bending techniques to create a unique Christmas-inspired wreath form. Calder also added solid forms to his mobiles for counterbalance. We will look at ways to weave gorgeous leather + fabric leaves into our wreath-sculpture for a truly stunning result! The perfect marriage of art + craft for Christmas!

Each student will create 1 wreath in this class.



Oh soft caramel leather you truly make us weak at the knees! Students will engage with the slow art of hand stitching to create these beautiful leather + fabric ornaments or gift tags.

These are a beautiful layered addition to your tree, a hanging garland or a unique handmade gift tag. Students will choose and cut fabric stars from our beautiful selection of handwoven + naturally dyed fabric and accented with vibrant felt in Christmas green to layer behind their leather stars! The sparkling bronze adds a festive touch as the students thread + stitch their fabric soft sculpture together!

Each student will create 3 stars within this class.

29 October 2014 035


This year we are excited to announce a class with a sustainable message!

WEAVE+WONDER are proudly offering the gorgeous naturally dyed and handwoven fabric sourced from traditional weaving families in rural Cambodia. As we introduce this gorgeous fabric into the Australian market, we are motived toward sustainable uses for it. We couldn’t think of a better beginning than using custom sized pieces as fabric wrapping for Christmas!

In our printing class, we will learn simple printing, stamping + stencilling techniques and work on pattern repeat in order to create unique designs for our fabric wrapping. We will use humble brown paper also as a ‘test run’ for our fabric pieces but also as useful wrapping in itself!

Students will print 1 large fabric wrapping sheet (can be used as two smaller sheets) as well as significant length of custom printed wrapping paper.

There will be additional fabric wrapping sheets available to purchase in all classes.

weekday weave

The mix of creativity this week has had a distinct ‘flavour of love’ yet without much intensionality…we just tumbled in to some heart-magic…

:: my 2.5yr old’s favourate colour is red…her activity-of-the-moment is wax crayon drawing+watercolour (red of course!)…when she asked me to draw her family to paint, we quickly scribbled up some ‘love’, mounted them on red card and displayed for a welcome home surprise from their ‘baby’ sister!

:: A little more felt-creating to add to the range – I so love working with industrial felt! This stitching is a half-finished banksia branch on a small felt storage box – great for small projects, buttons, cotton reels, bathroom goods, etc…I can always find a use for a good-looking storage box!

:: my project-of-the-moment…mastering the art of making and felting small bowls. I am really enjoying the slow, drawn-out process and am trying to weave it into my everyday. The felting bowl sits ready in the kitchen sink to mix a bit of warm-felt-action amid the working + cleaning + cooking that goes on in continuous cycle around here!

:: Just had to add in a bit of creativity that happens A LOT around here – lego building! This little house and stable kept the youngest busy for three whole hours straight this week!! Ahh the beauty of lego…

:: A treasured place to visit in the country provided a wonderful opportunity for ‘rain-dancing!’ These are the memories childhood is made of…

:: Full of maternal pride as I watch my daughter so tenderly care for a dear friend’s baby…

:: Can never get enough of the inspiration + colour in nature – thank you dear friends for moving to a corner of the country that always puts on a spectacular display!

:: My girls have picked up the felt + wool countless times this week to make these little creations for friends…sending some valentine’s love your way this week xx