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holiday workshops :: bookish draw + collage


[ collage A – Wil Ashford / collage B ]

Oh, Immerse yourselves in these fantastical ‘bookish’ collages friends!

Aren’t they incredible? And so diverse in their interpretation, showcasing how book pages can be used in myriad different ways to create imaginative art.

Some artists have chosen to use pages from vintage books as background for their silhouette works, some have used the pages as collage medium. While others have made a statement using typography, more again can be found creating lighthearted works using animals.


[ collage C / college D – source unknown ]

I am looking forward to our ‘bookish’ draw and collage class these holidays where we will provide opportunity to create our own book-inspired masterpiece. We will share some great artwork and poetry from books and then choose to either use our book pages as background to our drawn work or collage with the pages themselves, torn and cut.

Book pages find a new lease on life through artwork, creating great texture, comical relief or making a statement through the words on pages chosen to be used.

Don’t miss out on this imaginative class, our holiday workshops are booking up fast. Follow this link for further information and to BOOK NOW for this and our watercolour and weaving workshops also!



[ collage E / collage F ]