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Course Description:

Work with an experienced Interior Designer through research + practice to learn basic design principles and presentation skills. Discover how to transform your space to function well and look fabulous!

Where you are the client and to design your dream room is the project! We begin our investigation with abstract ideas of space + volume and through experimentation with different spatial configurations and a wonderful study on colour + trends, we will come up with new solutions for our dream room!

Taster workshop: based on book ‘draw me a house’ we can experiment with the elements that make up a room and look at the world around you in a different way – design can be so inspirational – let your imagination run wild! (all ages)

Taster workshop: textile printing. In conjunction with fashion design workshops, students will be printing on a scarf, garment or homewares item such as a cushion cover or pillowcase! (all ages)

6 week series: explore the brief, schematic design + evaluation, and finally presentation of designs in greater detail. 6 x 1.5hr sessions. (secondary school age)



Course Description:

Work with an experienced Interior Designer in a fun + relaxed workshop experimenting with the elements that make up the good design of furniture.

Iconic furniture is instantly recognisable and has been copied and used as inspiration for countless designs down through the years.

So what is a chair? How can an everyday object be re-considered?

We will look at all the ways and reasons we sit down: function. Look at ergonomics: form. Examine the principles of design in order to better understand what makes a well designed object: explore images of iconic furniture design.

Students will experiment with sustainable + recycled materials such as corrugated cardboard, paddle pop sticks and other materials in order to design their own 3D model of a chair, based on sketch designs. We will experiment with basic perspective to determine how this item will fit best into an interior space.

Students will take home an illustration booklet of design, sketches + markings, together with their 3D model of a fanciful new chair!

Students will have opportunity for question + answer at the conclusion of the workshop.

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Course Description:

Green design and repurposed detailing are the catch cry's of the modern design world. In this workshop our brief is to design an exciting retail space for a new fashion line using upcycled materials. Of course our space will respond to the brief by designing using only recycled or repurposed materials!

We will investigate the more abstract ideas of space + volume and then make an exciting study of different materials + objects and how they might be recycled or repurposed within our retail space! Our brief will be determined by our fashion client and we will present our designs to a panel so we are aware of the collaborative nature of solving design problems.

Taster Workshop: students will work in teams and will play with select materials + objects to design a simple retail space for Fashion client. (all ages)

6 week series: students experience working with a mentor in determining a brief, schematic design + evaluation and presentation skills to design a cutting edge fashion boutique using only recycled or repurposed materials. (secondary school age)