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Our CREATED range of products is WEAVE+WONDER’S thoughtfully curated collection of functional items and artistic works. Our range regularly evolves in response to what inspires us to get our hands busy creating. You will find items we have created ourselves from natural, foraged or recycled materials, and we also showcase beautiful items handcrafted by others. Our creative process is organic and naturally flows from the materials we are working with, so no two items are exactly the same.   We find beauty in the natural and the imperfect, and we hope you do too! There is a gentle rhythm to our creating, so the range of items available will ebb and flow, depending on what we have the time, space and inspiration to put our hands to.


We use beautifully natural fabrics created by families in rural Cambodia using naturally dyed cotton and traditional hand weaving techniques.   Locally sourced plants and other natural materials are used in the dyeing process to create a warm colour palette of soft yellows, moss greens, milky creams, dusty pinks, chocolate browns and charcoal greys. These skilled artisans create light, floating fabrics perfect for scarves, and closer weaves which we use for our fabric hangings and tote bags. We are excited to be working with this weaving community and supporting their efforts to preserve traditional hand weaving skills and contributing to a viable and sustainable income source for rural families in Cambodia.


collage natural fibres 2 600pxNATURAL FIBRES

We love using and experimenting with natural fibres – wool, cotton, linen, alpaca – whatever we come across that inspires us with its natural tactile beauty. We also collect vintage fibres which we use mainly in our CREATIVE WORKSHOPS.