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Preschool creativity!

I am quite behind in updating this space with class updates + inspiration – I hope to re-invigorate this little corner very soon!

In the mean time, classes + creativity abounds. I will backtrack in another post and show work from our exciting holiday classes – in particular the Brisbane City council library classes – they were a breath of fresh air!

This week we commenced our first preschool creativity class at Riverbend Books!

Such a wonderful time of sharing and connection was had by all! I am very much looking forward to going on a creative journey with this wonderful bunch of children!

We took our inspiration from the wonderful book ‘Feathers for Phoebe’ by Rod Clements. It is such a colour-rich book full of drama + theatre with an enduring truth regarding the beauty of being yourself!

We then explored the tactile medium of clay and inspired by french artist Franco Pompon, created simple bird shapes.

Our bird families were dressed with the most stunning array of feathers and then wrapped carefully in a ‘leaf litter’ blanket to carry home – just until their nests are ready in an upcoming class!

This class was a wonderful opportunity to learn simple clay forming techniques while creating creatures that were exciting and relevant! Children each received a ‘field journal’ to begin to document all the birds around their home and I can’t wait to see what they capture in the coming weeks. We are thrilled the imagination is piqued and the adventure in creativity has begun in such a joyful way!

Looking forward to next week where we explore the colour wheel – couldn’t waste all that stunning colour-inspiration in our wonderful book ‘Feathers for Phoebe’!


  1. What a fantastic program! My children love to read and to be able to then create something tangible from the book is amazing. An awesome idea to build on their imagination and motor skills.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Brisbane Kids!
      We are having a wonderful creative journey with this agegroup – I’m a bit behind in my posting – more classes to come!

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