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Quick-snap! Our early-bird special ends Saturday!


There’s Autumn crunch in the air and underfoot, and there’s a special little early-bird fluttering low. She’s singing a sweet song of savings, and diving and looping low to make sure she catches your eye.

If you’d like your children to join our Autumn Adventures in Art series starting in just a few weeks, pop on over to our bookings page because our little early-bird will flit and fly away this Saturday, taking her special prices with her.

We’re collecting and gathering basketfuls of creative ideas and inspiration for these workshops celebrating one of our favourite seasons of the year.  Colour and texture, paint and clay, printing and weaving. And books. Delicious, gorgeous, tingle-worthy books which make our eyes look wide with wonder and our minds giggle and think. We’ve enjoyed the process of choosing and picking books (oh there are so many gorgeous children’s books which inspire us!) and teaming them with autumn-inspired art and creativity.


Our art workshops are designed to inspire and nurture creativity, using great children’s books to stimulate discussion, launch ideas and inform art techniques and theory.  We are looking forward to working alongside your children through this six week series and encouraging their creativity to take wings. Find out more about our Autumn Adventures in Art series here.


Our early-bird special ends this Saturday, 18 April, so book now!

PS – Our sincere apologies to those who tried to book in the last few days and couldn’t get our website to cooperate. It’s all fixed now, but please email us if you do have any problems with your booking.