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Update + Upcoming Classes

Sincere apologies for my lack of communication in this space over the past few months!

Many changes have been afoot – dipping toes in new opportunities – with little  time to update here!

As a result, our classes and workshops have been running on skeleton schedule – principally offered through OneGirlStudio in Graceville, the Redland Art Gallery and also the Brisbane City Council Libraries.

These classes are in:

If you are interested in any of these classes, please follow the link to our generous host websites and seek timetables and booking details.

The upcoming September School Holiday Fashion Design classes offered at OneGirlStudio are available for booking through our events page here.

Please see the information following and detailed on the events page:

Fashion Design 2016

Fashion Design Intensive Workshop

Tuesday 27th September 1pm – 4pm AND

Wednesday 28th September 1pm – 4pm

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 2-day workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion! The classes are customized to the age of the group and include looking at fashion trends and branding, fashion illustration using a variety of media, elements and principals of design, colour forecasting and textile design as well as presenting your designs.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Kids will need to bring a drink and snack for a short break at 2:30pm.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 12:50pm and picked up from 4pm both days.

Cost is $100 for the two-day workshop.


Textile Design 2016

Textile Design Workshop

Tuesday 27th September 9:30am to 12:30pm

Also offered on:

Wednesday 28th September 9:30am to 12:30pm

Led by QUT Fashion Lecturer Melanie Finger, this intensive 3-hour workshop is perfect for kids aged between 8 – 17 years who love anything Fashion and Textile Design!

Inspired by beautiful textile illustrations, we will look at the use of ART in garment design. Experimenting with mixed media the students will look at examples of pattern, repeat and colour and come up with their own textile design for a garment. The students will learn some fashion illustration techniques and then illustrate their textile design on a garment.

The class is hands on and suits all levels of skill – no experience necessary to join in! Students will need to bring a drink and snack for a short break.

Melanie has been teaching both young adults and children for many years and holds a blue card. The location at OneGirlStudio at Graceville is a lovely safe space for design class with amenities. Students can be dropped off from 9.20am and picked up from 12.30pm.

Cost is $50 for the 3-hour workshop.

The persuasive power of Picasso

‘All children are artists, the problem is to remain an artist once he grows up’ Pablo Picasso



I’ve loved every minute of our Autumn Adventures in Art!

Printmaking is one of my favourite techniques to explore with children because there are so many imperfections in it! Whether etching, mono printing or block printing, the resulting image has a ‘hazy, soft, textural’ quality to it that allow’s much grace as children are learning. I had an inward chuckle when one or two of my students decided that the partial transfer of colour wasn’t ‘perfect’ enough and began painting over their print – filling in the ‘texture’ with ‘solid colour’! I love a child’s freedom and instinct to express their creativity in unique ways.

There was much room throughout our 3-week exploration to learn, practice, correct, print again and layer colour and detail over to build up each artwork.



[Picasso’s graphic and lithograph works]

Students were particularly pleased to see examples of Picasso’s early print work and lithograph’s, made famous in some of the earliest forms of advertising, and realise that his images and technique were simple and imperfect too!




Our practice is to draw, inspired by the reading of some wonderful literature and then transfer those sketch ideas from imagination into artwork! These autumn-inspired works were wonderful examples of creative problem-solving – particularly when it came to etching lettering to print the right way!



More examples of print work and the remainder of our series to follow!


Fashion and Interior Design classes


‘A great chair is like a face….you meet many but few are memorable’ Ross Lovegrove, Designer



These past Easter Holidays, WEAVE+WONDER had the opportunity to run secondary student workshops in Fashion and Interior Design.

The Interior Design workshop honed in on a particular element of Interiors: the chair – how we sit, why we sit, what can we do differently?

The chair is one of the most familiar and widely used mass-produced items in the word. Certainly everyone in the western world has experience using this basic object. The positions in which people have sat have varied from period to period, culture to culture and continent to continent. In some places sitting cross-legged has been the most common posture, in others kneeling has been the norm, and in yet others squatting is considered natural and comfortable.

WEAVE+WONDER have designed a workshop to explore what makes a good chair and why? We look at Iconic design chairs and ask – what makes an Icon? Students experiment and explode the design problem using recycled materials to see if they can come up with their own unique design for a chair. As you can see – the creative outcomes were sensational!


From our wonderful Fashion consultant Melanie Finger who has written a series of Fashion workshops based on the popular book series ‘The Time Travelling Fashionista’:

Students thoroughly enjoyed our holiday fashion workshops exploring fashion aboard the Titanic!

They were fascinated by how fashion from the early 1900’s translates into the designs of today. We spent time learning about and sketching clothing worn in the beginning of 1900. We moved into illustrating our sketches on quality paper and choosing suitable fabrics.

Each student finished the class with an illustration of one of their designs. The students went home with a 13 page booklet and some homework! Students loved being able to feel the fabrics and explore with the media.



Thank you so much Brisbane City Council Libraries for giving Brisbane students the opportunity to participate in such educational and creative workshops – and for free! Please email us via our contact page for further information on upcoming Fashion and Interior Design classes for secondary students. These workshops are a wonderful taster for any secondary student interested in a career in Fashion or Interior Design.

Quick-snap! Our early-bird special ends Saturday!


There’s Autumn crunch in the air and underfoot, and there’s a special little early-bird fluttering low. She’s singing a sweet song of savings, and diving and looping low to make sure she catches your eye.

If you’d like your children to join our Autumn Adventures in Art series starting in just a few weeks, pop on over to our bookings page because our little early-bird will flit and fly away this Saturday, taking her special prices with her.

We’re collecting and gathering basketfuls of creative ideas and inspiration for these workshops celebrating one of our favourite seasons of the year.  Colour and texture, paint and clay, printing and weaving. And books. Delicious, gorgeous, tingle-worthy books which make our eyes look wide with wonder and our minds giggle and think. We’ve enjoyed the process of choosing and picking books (oh there are so many gorgeous children’s books which inspire us!) and teaming them with autumn-inspired art and creativity.


Our art workshops are designed to inspire and nurture creativity, using great children’s books to stimulate discussion, launch ideas and inform art techniques and theory.  We are looking forward to working alongside your children through this six week series and encouraging their creativity to take wings. Find out more about our Autumn Adventures in Art series here.


Our early-bird special ends this Saturday, 18 April, so book now!

PS – Our sincere apologies to those who tried to book in the last few days and couldn’t get our website to cooperate. It’s all fixed now, but please email us if you do have any problems with your booking.

Riverbend Christmas Creativity returns!



With warm tactile leather + fabric alongside sustainable design processes, we are proud to present a fresh new take on Christmas decorating!

Of course, these are first and foremost children’s classes and so we are excited to jump into the wonderful world of artistic inspiration from the famous Alexander Calder on through other screen printing + fibre artists. From this inspiration we have developed skills-based classes that are fresh and contemporary!

For the first time this year, we are offering an ADULT CREATIVITY CLASS and also a PARENT+CHILD CLASS! In these classes, you are able to choose the project you would like to complete – please read the class description carefully and leave your selection in the comments section of your booking.

Take a wander through the classes we have on offer below and click on the title of the class to go to our events page and BOOK NOW – these classes fill very quickly! We hope you enjoy:

29 October 2014 011


Alexander Calder was an American sculptor known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air currents. Calder’s stationary sculptures are called stables. He also produced numerous wire figures.

Using inspiration from Calder’s work, we will experiment with the wire medium to form 3D shapes. We will use these twisting+bending techniques to create a unique Christmas-inspired wreath form. Calder also added solid forms to his mobiles for counterbalance. We will look at ways to weave gorgeous leather + fabric leaves into our wreath-sculpture for a truly stunning result! The perfect marriage of art + craft for Christmas!

Each student will create 1 wreath in this class.



Oh soft caramel leather you truly make us weak at the knees! Students will engage with the slow art of hand stitching to create these beautiful leather + fabric ornaments or gift tags.

These are a beautiful layered addition to your tree, a hanging garland or a unique handmade gift tag. Students will choose and cut fabric stars from our beautiful selection of handwoven + naturally dyed fabric and accented with vibrant felt in Christmas green to layer behind their leather stars! The sparkling bronze adds a festive touch as the students thread + stitch their fabric soft sculpture together!

Each student will create 3 stars within this class.

29 October 2014 035


This year we are excited to announce a class with a sustainable message!

WEAVE+WONDER are proudly offering the gorgeous naturally dyed and handwoven fabric sourced from traditional weaving families in rural Cambodia. As we introduce this gorgeous fabric into the Australian market, we are motived toward sustainable uses for it. We couldn’t think of a better beginning than using custom sized pieces as fabric wrapping for Christmas!

In our printing class, we will learn simple printing, stamping + stencilling techniques and work on pattern repeat in order to create unique designs for our fabric wrapping. We will use humble brown paper also as a ‘test run’ for our fabric pieces but also as useful wrapping in itself!

Students will print 1 large fabric wrapping sheet (can be used as two smaller sheets) as well as significant length of custom printed wrapping paper.

There will be additional fabric wrapping sheets available to purchase in all classes.