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Problem-solving through printmaking

‘I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it’ Pablo Picasso



Some more of my favourite images from our 3-week exploration of printmaking during Autumn Adventures in Art at Riverbend Books.

On our third week, students refined their block printing to explore pattern repeat and ultimately produce a tote bag design (our youngest student’s tote seen above!).

We loved seeing the resolution that came about through experiments on paper – the quality of print, the effectiveness of repeat, the importance of planning the design well before executing. It is natural for children to jump in and create and think later – I love that there is no fear or hesitation in this method of ‘bringing something forth’.  However, in order to refine a skill and therefore practice better outcomes, it is useful for students to journey through the process in order to test out several possible options before deciding on the most effective design.

For some of the youngest students, we found that the final design was just another ‘experiment’ and that is perfectly age appropriate. For others though, the confidence built through ‘trial and error and play’ helped them to be more satisfied with the end result!

The student’s folio’s are full to overflowing with wonderful experiments [ seen drying here ]. These pages represent my favourite part of the creative process – The time to play with new techniques! Seeing what colour’s work with others, what textures and shapes produce the most pleasing designs….

We are firm believers at WEAVE+WONDER that the journey through experimentation is far more valuable than the outcome. Innovative leaders practice and work at their craft, and we have loved sharing time with your children as they build these muscles for their future through art!





Our new Autumn art workshops starting May

art workshops for preschoolers

We invite you to join us for some Autumn Adventures in Art, our new art + creativity workshops launching in Term 2.

Oh the fun we will have taking inspiration from great children’s authors + illustrators, and creating with paint, clay, printing and weaving!

Our art + creativity workshops are designed to inspire and nurture creativity, using great children’s books to stimulate discussion, launch ideas and inform art techniques and theory.  We are looking forward to working alongside your children through this six week series and encouraging their creativity to take wings.

autumn collage

Our Autumn Adventures in Art workshop series is inspired by this beautiful season – windswept leaves and bare trees, crisp skies and tiny animals.  We have chosen some stunning children’s books whose words and illustrations will gently float inspiration into our creating, whisper ideas into our minds, and warm our creative confidence.

We have tailored a range of workshops so you can choose the most suitable art workshop for your child:

preschooler watercolour

Autumn Adventures in Art – creativity workshops for preschoolers

We will take inspiration from great children’s authors and illustrators and create with different materials each week, including paint, clay, printing and weaving – perfect for little hands and creative minds!    This 6 week series will be held at two different venues so you can choose the day and location that suits you:

Please follow the link’s below to book NOW and take advantage of our special!

watercolour and weaving

Primary + middleschool children:
This 6 week Autumn-themed series gives your children the opportunity to explore and experiment with two mediums in more depth, building upon skills over the weeks.  Picture books, chapter books and poetry will be woven throughout these art workshops to inspire our creating!  Together we will explore printmaking techniques using a variety of objects to make prints on a range of materials.  We will also create with mixed media, experimenting with paint, ink, collage and foraged natural materials.

Please follow the link’s below to book NOW and take advantage of our special!

6-10 year olds:

9-14 year olds:

We look forward to you joining us for our Autumn Adventures in Art workshops!