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holiday workshops :: bookish draw + collage


[ collage A – Wil Ashford / collage B ]

Oh, Immerse yourselves in these fantastical ‘bookish’ collages friends!

Aren’t they incredible? And so diverse in their interpretation, showcasing how book pages can be used in myriad different ways to create imaginative art.

Some artists have chosen to use pages from vintage books as background for their silhouette works, some have used the pages as collage medium. While others have made a statement using typography, more again can be found creating lighthearted works using animals.


[ collage C / college D – source unknown ]

I am looking forward to our ‘bookish’ draw and collage class these holidays where we will provide opportunity to create our own book-inspired masterpiece. We will share some great artwork and poetry from books and then choose to either use our book pages as background to our drawn work or collage with the pages themselves, torn and cut.

Book pages find a new lease on life through artwork, creating great texture, comical relief or making a statement through the words on pages chosen to be used.

Don’t miss out on this imaginative class, our holiday workshops are booking up fast. Follow this link for further information and to BOOK NOW for this and our watercolour and weaving workshops also!



[ collage E / collage F ]

Autumn Adventures in Art :: Our memory tree



‘What’s a memory?’ asked Wilfred Gordon…

‘Its something you remember’ said his Father. But Wilfred Gordon wanted to know more,……

Our final project in our Autumn Adventures in Art series was designed to ‘put the student in the picture’ by connecting him/her to their work in a personal way. By looking at ways to ‘represent’ themselves using memories and nature references, they produced unique work and re-enforced the value in their own form of expression, their own memories, their own style.

I have just loved meandering through the past six weeks with artistic-intension together with a wonderful bunch of enthusiastic students. They were polite, inspired, wildly creative and an absolute joy to teach!

Looking forward to more adventures next term – thanks Riverbend Books and Cafe!

Our new Autumn art workshops starting May

art workshops for preschoolers

We invite you to join us for some Autumn Adventures in Art, our new art + creativity workshops launching in Term 2.

Oh the fun we will have taking inspiration from great children’s authors + illustrators, and creating with paint, clay, printing and weaving!

Our art + creativity workshops are designed to inspire and nurture creativity, using great children’s books to stimulate discussion, launch ideas and inform art techniques and theory.  We are looking forward to working alongside your children through this six week series and encouraging their creativity to take wings.

autumn collage

Our Autumn Adventures in Art workshop series is inspired by this beautiful season – windswept leaves and bare trees, crisp skies and tiny animals.  We have chosen some stunning children’s books whose words and illustrations will gently float inspiration into our creating, whisper ideas into our minds, and warm our creative confidence.

We have tailored a range of workshops so you can choose the most suitable art workshop for your child:

preschooler watercolour

Autumn Adventures in Art – creativity workshops for preschoolers

We will take inspiration from great children’s authors and illustrators and create with different materials each week, including paint, clay, printing and weaving – perfect for little hands and creative minds!    This 6 week series will be held at two different venues so you can choose the day and location that suits you:

Please follow the link’s below to book NOW and take advantage of our special!

watercolour and weaving

Primary + middleschool children:
This 6 week Autumn-themed series gives your children the opportunity to explore and experiment with two mediums in more depth, building upon skills over the weeks.  Picture books, chapter books and poetry will be woven throughout these art workshops to inspire our creating!  Together we will explore printmaking techniques using a variety of objects to make prints on a range of materials.  We will also create with mixed media, experimenting with paint, ink, collage and foraged natural materials.

Please follow the link’s below to book NOW and take advantage of our special!

6-10 year olds:

9-14 year olds:

We look forward to you joining us for our Autumn Adventures in Art workshops!