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the magic of watercolour trees


‘Oh if only I could live my life so wild and free, right up there atop the tree. Who’s branches strong, roots deep and wide, whisper courage on every side.

I’d dream far yonder as I could see, and when strong winds would threaten me. I’d snuggle down deep wrapped in her boughs, and wait for season’s whisper loud.

To bloom and blaze all held, yet free, the crowning glory of my tree.’


I love that the Autumn Adventures in Art students grasped the soft, dreamy flow of ‘wet on wet’ watercolour method so well during this session. We only touched on watercolour briefly this week, in order to complete a background to our collage works but there was such enthusiasm regarding this medium! Children worked through exercises in wash, simple detail and fine detail on standard paper and were then confident to complete their final work on A3 quality watercolour paper. Watercolour lends itself so well to landscapes and the simple beginner project of earth, sky and sketchy tree’s produced pleasing results for young students!